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Change is inevitable.


Our beloved sport is not impenetrable to this logic. What is constant is the respect, passion and energy that makes the game so special. Its ability to bring people together is universal. Pivot was built upon the core values of gratitude, community, enthusiasm and fun—because what else is there?

Infused in this magazine, you will find a lot of that soul while we share a bit about the game’s emerging subcultures, hopeful trends, unique competitions, unsuspecting characters and humble creatives.

Pivot isn’t just another golf magazine; it’s a platform that will continually connect golfers socially, digitally and even directly in person—the way this game was meant to be.

If you like what you come across in these pages and ever find yourself on the Internet again, we invite you to visit or @pivotthemag on social. We’d love to invite you to some of our events, and if you have stories and/or bright ideas you’d like to see us dig into, we strongly recommend sending a quick note to

Everyone celebrates the game differently. We’re just the messenger.


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Issue 01 Features:


Sneak peek of the course

Lots of content in these beautiful printed pages, but here’s a taste:

  • Michelle Wie writes her 10-year-old self a letter.

  • Jason Woodside warps our brains—with paint.

  • We interviewed comedians. They drop the mic and remind us why they’re not on the Tour.

  • A super computer designed the ultimate driver. And it absolutely didn’t write the article about itself…

  • Patrick Koenig goes on walkabout—or RVabout—and now wants you to quit your day job.

  • Many more golf things that can easily get you through a lousy rain delay.


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