Issue 01

Issue 01



Change is Inevitable

Our beloved sport is not impenetrable to this logic. What is constant is the respect, love and energy that makes this game so special. We think about that love and the distinct ability of sports to transcend boundaries and bring people together on a more than regular basis. Pivot was built upon these core values of gratitude, heritage, community, enthusiasm and fun—what else is there? Infused in these pages, you will find a bit of that soul and energy while also featuring the game’s emerging subcultures, optimistic trends, unsuspecting characters and creatives. These places, people and things reinvigorate why we started chasing a little white ball around a course in the first place.


Main feature previews:

  • Michelle Wie writes her 10-year-old self a letter.

  • We let Jason Woodside warp our brains—with paint.

  • We interviewed comedians. They drop the mic and remind us why they’re not on the Tour.

  • A super computer designed the ultimate driver. And it absolutely didn’t write the article about itself…

  • Patrick Koenig goes on walkabout—or RVabout—and now wants you to quit your day job.

  • Many more golf things than you can shake a wedge at, but take a look for yourself.